"The Outcasts of Poker Flat"
Deluxe Binder Read-Along Radio Drama Kit

(A Multi-Media Literature Unit)

All Materials are shipped in an attractive 3-ring binder with tabs

  • Audio Recording on CD
  • Limited Duplication Agreement make and maintain copies
  • Word-for-Word Script copy for students of one teacher
  • Student Activity Sheet Selection and Use Guidelines for different reading levels
  • Student Activity Sheets (ready-to-copy) copy for students of one teacher
    • Cloze Activity (with a list of choices for quiz)
    • Sequence Activity
    • Vocabulary Activity 1
    • Vocabulary Activity 2
    • Vocabulary Activity 3
    • Literal Comprehension
    • Listening Skills
    • Questions for Writing/Discussion
    • Crossword Puzzle
  • Literary Terms Study Sheets copy for student notebooks
  • Specific Teaching Suggestions
    • About the Author
    • Suggested Procedure for Using the Unit
    • Using the Original Story
    • Synopsis of the Script
    • Questions for Writing/Discussion (with suggested answers)
    • Visualization Activity Suggestions
    • Beyond the Story
    • Answer Keys for Student Activity Sheets
  • Teaching Strategies for Read-Along Radio Dramas
    • Why Use Read-Along?
    • Listening
    • Two Kinds of Listening
    • Visualization
    • Teaching Literature
    • Reading-Along
    • Read-Along’s Advantages for the Teacher
    • Preparing the Lesson
    • Into the Story
    • Through the Story
    • Beyond the Story
    • Suggestions for Using Read-Along Radio Dramas
    • A Sample Lesson Plan for Students with Limited Language Skills
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