Classroom Production Kit

Printed Materials (comb bound) includes:

  • Detailed teacher instructions for:

    • Informal classroom productions.

    • Producing the play for an audience.

    • Recording the play.

  • Rights to make up to two additional copies of the Audio CD. (All scripts  require 2 or 3 CD players (boom-boxes).  Recording or advanced productions may require additional equipment.

Data CD Contains: (print directly form your computer)

  • Student materials forms, work sheets, student guides, etc.

  • Three Scripts

    • Level I Production Script (least challenging technical requirements). This version uses unsynchronized recorded background effects only.

    • Level II Production Script (slightly more challenging technical requirements). The Level II version uses mainly unsynchronized recorded sound effects and some manual effects.

    • Level III Production Script (the most challenging version). Level III scripts use synchronized and unsynchronized recorded effects and manual effects.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows & Mac versions).
  • Audacity for Windows (a free audio editor). 

A Sound Effects CD

  • Sound Effects (SFX) CD contains background and hard to find sound effects keyed to the scripts. (Student technicians operate CD players as indicated in the script.) The included SFX CD contains tracks that are intended to be played at appropriate times as the actors read their lines. The CD contains all the recorded SFX mentioned in the script. Tracks are of appropriate lengths for script requirements. Tracks used in the script are listed at the beginning of the script. This audio CD contains all the recorded sound effects needed to produce any of the three script versions.  Make up  to 2 more copies of this Sound Effects CD.  All scripts  require 2 or 3 CD players (boom-boxes).  Recording or advanced productions may require additional equipment.

About the Script  (Three Versions of the Script):

  • Level I (least challenging). The Level I version is the least challenging, technically. This version of the script is intended for producing the play with a limited number of background effects only. The background effects used may include such things as music, wind, rain, crickets, etc. These effects do not require precise synchronization with the dialog. Some Level I versions have altered vocabulary for easier reading, but because only the most unusual or difficult words have been eliminated, it may still be necessary for some students to work on pronunciation and definitions. This is as it should be, for an activity without challenge has little purpose in the classroom.
  • Level II (more challenging). This version is slightly more challenging than Level I; it is intended for producing the play with limited equipment (2 boom boxes) and most include some manual sound effects (SFX). The recorded SFX tracks used in Level II scripts are mainly background effects that do not require precise synchronization with the dialog.
  • Level III (challenging technical requirements). The technical needs of Level III scripts require precise synchronization between the recorded SFX and dialog. The intended use of this version is creating a recording of the play. Effects requiring a high degree of teamwork, such as footstep and door sequences, are included. Manual SFX are also included. Level III versions may require as many as three CD players. Level III scripts may also be presented for an audience as a radio drama stage presentation.